~*Buttercup*Smiles*~ (buttercupsmiles) wrote,

typically I don't do cams because people are assholes

mmansour72: hi
angelle321: hello
mmansour72: asl
angelle321: 31/f/saginaw, michigan
mmansour72: u have cam
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: yes
mmansour72: can i see u
angelle321: k
mmansour72: u are beutifule
angelle321: thanks
mmansour72: are u married
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: no. but not available or looking
mmansour72: are u working
angelle321: right this second?
angelle321: or in general in life?
mmansour72: general
angelle321: trying to be. I am a struggling business owner. a portrait photographer
mmansour72: u try sex before
angelle321: none of your business
mmansour72: can i see your boobs
angelle321: no
You have declined the invitation to start webcam.

You have declined the invitation to start webcam.

You have declined the invitation to start webcam.

mmansour72: u dont love sex
angelle321: what does that have to do with you?
mmansour72: nice cat
angelle321: no it's not
angelle321: it's none of your business
mmansour72: why you are angry from me
angelle321: I didn't say I'm angry
mmansour72: i love sex too much
mmansour72: your body is so sweet
mmansour72: u dont get hot at any time
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: also, none of your business
mmansour72: i wish i can in the place of cat
angelle321: ok
mmansour72: i wish i can see your tits
mmansour72: to lick them
angelle321: um. no
mmansour72: why?
angelle321: not interested
mmansour72: i always play with my body got hot
angelle321: don't care
mmansour72: you dont got naked at all
angelle321: never. I am fully clothed every second of every day.
angelle321: or were you asking if I get naked on webcam
angelle321: because the other question was dumb
mmansour72: no i am asking if u got naked general
angelle321: hahahahaha
mmansour72: u cant be exicted
angelle321: that's a dumb question
mmansour72: u live alone
angelle321: more or less
mmansour72: i wanaa see u naked
angelle321: well you're not going to
mmansour72: i am naked
mmansour72: my body is so hot
angelle321: don't care
mmansour72: why you are refusing
angelle321: because I'm not interested
mmansour72: u dont intrersted at all
angelle321: not in you, no
mmansour72: why you take attacking power on me
angelle321: I have no idea what you just said
mmansour72: my dick is standup
mmansour72: i wanna to take a kiss from your chest
angelle321: no
angelle321: not interested
mmansour72: but the best thing is to be free from your clothes
angelle321: no thanks
angelle321: not right now. not on cam
mmansour72: why
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: not interested
angelle321: don't you pay attention? I already said that
angelle321: NOT INTERESTED
mmansour72: i am to sad
angelle321: oh well
mmansour72: your ass is large
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: I know
angelle321: I'm aware of its size. it's my ass
angelle321: duh
mmansour72: i am asking
mmansour72: only
angelle321: sounded like you were telling
mmansour72: no
mmansour72: asking only
angelle321: o
angelle321: ok
mmansour72: what about your tits
angelle321: what about them
angelle321: I have some
mmansour72: large
mmansour72: or small
angelle321: I'm big all over
mmansour72: nice body
angelle321: ok
mmansour72: plz can i see u naked
angelle321: no
mmansour72: why
angelle321: not interested
mmansour72: u enjoy with your body?
angelle321: you don't listen
mmansour72: i am too hot
angelle321: don't care
mmansour72: i can put my dick in your ass
angelle321: no
mmansour72 is typing...
mmansour72: if you show me your body i will get relaxed
angelle321: no
mmansour72 has stopped viewing your webcam.

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