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mahi_foru2010: hi
angelle321: hello
mahi_foru2010: like fucking
angelle321: is that a proposition?
mahi_foru2010: sky is abcd
angelle321: what??
mahi_foru2010: do u like licking ur asshole
angelle321: I'm not sure it's physically possible for me to lick my own asshole. I'm not a dog.
mahi_foru2010: i mean i want to lick ur asshole..
angelle321: oh. no thank you
mahi_foru2010: u dont like it..
angelle321: I'm not interested in doing any sexual activities, online or otherwise, with you.
mahi_foru2010: why... just sit on my head ...i will kiss that holy butt of urs
mahi_foru2010: and lick ur dirty asshole clean..after u going to shit
mahi_foru2010: u like it?
angelle321: no thanks
mahi_foru2010: hey..it will be easier for u.. right?
mahi_foru2010: that means dont wnat to go to toilet for shitting..u can do it on ma mouth
angelle321: ew