~*Buttercup*Smiles*~ (buttercupsmiles) wrote,

Fayaz Sukri: wanna freindship with me
Fayaz Sukri: c2c
Fayaz Sukri: i am calling you
angelle321: I don't own a cam
Fayaz Sukri: oh
angelle321: I don't have a mic
Fayaz Sukri: mic pls
Fayaz Sukri: give me your mobile no
angelle321: no
Fayaz Sukri: why
Fayaz Sukri: may be male
Fayaz Sukri: how can i belive that you are female
Fayaz Sukri: wanna see my cock
Fayaz Sukri: what happened
angelle321: no
Fayaz Sukri: if you like to chat with me
Fayaz Sukri: pls give me your mobile no
angelle321: I don't care if you believe it or not. *I* know I'm a woman.
Fayaz Sukri: i will call you
Fayaz Sukri: or bye
angelle321: no. I don't want you to call me
angelle321: why are you buzzing me?
angelle321: why are you buzzing?
angelle321: sigh
Fayaz Sukri: wanna show you my cock
angelle321: I'm not interested in seeing it
Fayaz Sukri: ok
Fayaz Sukri: bye
Fayaz Sukri: see ou
angelle321: bye

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