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u hve ur boobies pic

maddy_19760: u got big boobs
maddy_19760: good
angelle321: is that a statement?
maddy_19760: yes
angelle321: ok
maddy_19760: u married
angelle321: nope
angelle321: no desire to
maddy_19760: ok
maddy_19760: u hve ur boobies pic
angelle321: I don't have a pic of my boobies
maddy_19760: y
angelle321: um... why would I?
maddy_19760: ya
maddy_19760: so ur ass is also big
angelle321: yeah I'm not a skinny girl
maddy_19760: good
maddy_19760: i like u
maddy_19760: bt i have my cock pic
maddy_19760: u want
angelle321: no thanks
maddy_19760: ok
maddy_19760: so how much time u fucked
angelle321: wtf difference would that make to you?
angelle321: what a stupid question
maddy_19760: ya
maddy_19760: bcoz my boxer gone hard
angelle321: that is of no interest to me
maddy_19760: u see befor
maddy_19760: e
angelle321: see what
maddy_19760: big c***k
angelle321: oh lord. give it up dude
maddy_19760: i m see ur pics
maddy_19760: its awesome
angelle321: ok
maddy_19760: what is the size of ur boobs
angelle321: sigh. not your business
maddy_19760: pls tell me
maddy_19760: plz
angelle321: no
angelle321: seriously. it's none of your business
maddy_19760: ok