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drzzs2003: still have the magenta hair
drzzs2003: very cool
angelle321: thanks
drzzs2003: lansing here
angelle321: I'm in saginaw
drzzs2003: old tho
drzzs2003: 53 doc
drzzs2003: are you single married?
angelle321: unmarried
drzzs2003: married here
drzzs2003: good as a sugar daddy only
drzzs2003: kids?
angelle321: nope. not having any
angelle321: you?
drzzs2003: 2
drzzs2003: adults
drzzs2003: hair still magenta?
angelle321: yup
angelle321: bright bright pink
drzzs2003: way cool
drzzs2003: any chance you get involved with an older married guy?
angelle321: doesn't your wife have a problem with that?
drzzs2003: not planning on telling her
angelle321: that seems terribly wrong
drzzs2003: i suppose
drzzs2003: you dont do wrong?
drzzs2003: sometimes wrong is fun