~*Buttercup*Smiles*~ (buttercupsmiles) wrote,

obviously if I don't have a cam, I'm a dude.

anooj004: can i see on cam?
angelle321: I don't own one
anooj004: thn dont like u ur guy
angelle321: ???
angelle321: did you just say that I'm a guy?
anooj004: cant believe u ur a women or guy without own cam
angelle321: ok well I don't care if you believe me or not.
angelle321: I sent you a photo of me
anooj004: ok good
angelle321: several in fact
angelle321: and I do not own a webcam
anooj004: its all fake
angelle321: um, no.
angelle321: I would know
Tags: anooj004

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