~*Buttercup*Smiles*~ (buttercupsmiles) wrote,

I don't think this person has ever encountered a chat bot

9:52 AM

froggishcoho: Samurai vs. Knight. Who wins?

me: hello fishy bot!
froggishcoho: pardon?
how rude

me: is this your first one?

froggishcoho: what????

me: is this your first fishy bot, coho bot.

froggishcoho: DOES NOT COMPUTE

me: must be then. I didn't message you, though I'm sure you think I did.

froggishcoho: dont make me call aol

me: I'm not! I didn't message you. it's a bot. go ahead and google it.

froggishcoho: bot?>?????

me: yes!

froggishcoho: whats a bot?

me: wait, you've never encountered a chatbot before either? just google "salmonbot"

froggishcoho: bye
not interested

me: interested in what?? I did not message you! I already told you that.

froggishcoho: your fooking liar perv

me: um, what?
Tags: bot, salmonbot

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