July 11th, 2011

not sext or hot...

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sexy_hot_man6620: hi
sexy_hot_man6620: m london
angelle321: f us
sexy_hot_man6620: nice
sexy_hot_man6620: have cam?
angelle321: yeah
sexy_hot_man6620: can i see u?
angelle321: uh. yeah I guess so
sexy_hot_man6620: thank u
sexy_hot_man6620 has started viewing your webcam.

sexy_hot_man6620: wow
sexy_hot_man6620: so sexy
angelle321: k
angelle321: thanks
sexy_hot_man6620: can u play for me plz
angelle321: no
sexy_hot_man6620: can i see ur boobs?
angelle321: no
sexy_hot_man6620: plz
sexy_hot_man6620: i am so horny?
angelle321: that's not really my problem.
angelle321: I'm not a cam girl
angelle321: and if I were, you'd have to pay for it
angelle321: so how about you find one of those
sexy_hot_man6620: i can pay money
sexy_hot_man6620: but play
angelle321: fuck off
You have declined the invitation to start Video Call.

You have declined the invitation to start Video Call.

angelle321: no really. not interested
sexy_hot_man6620: plz help me
angelle321: there's plenty of porn on the internet
angelle321: go find some there
angelle321: or find yourself a cam site
angelle321: there's plenty of those too
sexy_hot_man6620 is typing...
sexy_hot_man6620: i wana u
angelle321: that feeling is not mutual