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sexy_hot_man6620: hi
sexy_hot_man6620: m london
angelle321: f us
sexy_hot_man6620: nice
sexy_hot_man6620: have cam?
angelle321: yeah
sexy_hot_man6620: can i see u?
angelle321: uh. yeah I guess so
sexy_hot_man6620: thank u
sexy_hot_man6620 has started viewing your webcam.

sexy_hot_man6620: wow
sexy_hot_man6620: so sexy
angelle321: k
angelle321: thanks
sexy_hot_man6620: can u play for me plz
angelle321: no
sexy_hot_man6620: can i see ur boobs?
angelle321: no
sexy_hot_man6620: plz
sexy_hot_man6620: i am so horny?
angelle321: that's not really my problem.
angelle321: I'm not a cam girl
angelle321: and if I were, you'd have to pay for it
angelle321: so how about you find one of those
sexy_hot_man6620: i can pay money
sexy_hot_man6620: but play
angelle321: fuck off
You have declined the invitation to start Video Call.

You have declined the invitation to start Video Call.

angelle321: no really. not interested
sexy_hot_man6620: plz help me
angelle321: there's plenty of porn on the internet
angelle321: go find some there
angelle321: or find yourself a cam site
angelle321: there's plenty of those too
sexy_hot_man6620 is typing...
sexy_hot_man6620: i wana u
angelle321: that feeling is not mutual

typically I don't do cams because people are assholes

mmansour72: hi
angelle321: hello
mmansour72: asl
angelle321: 31/f/saginaw, michigan
mmansour72: u have cam
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: yes
mmansour72: can i see u
angelle321: k
mmansour72: u are beutifule
angelle321: thanks
mmansour72: are u married
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: no. but not available or looking
mmansour72: are u working
angelle321: right this second?
angelle321: or in general in life?
mmansour72: general
angelle321: trying to be. I am a struggling business owner. a portrait photographer
mmansour72: u try sex before
angelle321: none of your business
mmansour72: can i see your boobs
angelle321: no
You have declined the invitation to start webcam.

You have declined the invitation to start webcam.

You have declined the invitation to start webcam.

mmansour72: u dont love sex
angelle321: what does that have to do with you?
mmansour72: nice cat
angelle321: no it's not
angelle321: it's none of your business
mmansour72: why you are angry from me
angelle321: I didn't say I'm angry
mmansour72: i love sex too much
mmansour72: your body is so sweet
mmansour72: u dont get hot at any time
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: also, none of your business
mmansour72: i wish i can in the place of cat
angelle321: ok
mmansour72: i wish i can see your tits
mmansour72: to lick them
angelle321: um. no
mmansour72: why?
angelle321: not interested
mmansour72: i always play with my body got hot
angelle321: don't care
mmansour72: you dont got naked at all
angelle321: never. I am fully clothed every second of every day.
angelle321: or were you asking if I get naked on webcam
angelle321: because the other question was dumb
mmansour72: no i am asking if u got naked general
angelle321: hahahahaha
mmansour72: u cant be exicted
angelle321: that's a dumb question
mmansour72: u live alone
angelle321: more or less
mmansour72: i wanaa see u naked
angelle321: well you're not going to
mmansour72: i am naked
mmansour72: my body is so hot
angelle321: don't care
mmansour72: why you are refusing
angelle321: because I'm not interested
mmansour72: u dont intrersted at all
angelle321: not in you, no
mmansour72: why you take attacking power on me
angelle321: I have no idea what you just said
mmansour72: my dick is standup
mmansour72: i wanna to take a kiss from your chest
angelle321: no
angelle321: not interested
mmansour72: but the best thing is to be free from your clothes
angelle321: no thanks
angelle321: not right now. not on cam
mmansour72: why
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: not interested
angelle321: don't you pay attention? I already said that
angelle321: NOT INTERESTED
mmansour72: i am to sad
angelle321: oh well
mmansour72: your ass is large
mmansour72: ?
angelle321: I know
angelle321: I'm aware of its size. it's my ass
angelle321: duh
mmansour72: i am asking
mmansour72: only
angelle321: sounded like you were telling
mmansour72: no
mmansour72: asking only
angelle321: o
angelle321: ok
mmansour72: what about your tits
angelle321: what about them
angelle321: I have some
mmansour72: large
mmansour72: or small
angelle321: I'm big all over
mmansour72: nice body
angelle321: ok
mmansour72: plz can i see u naked
angelle321: no
mmansour72: why
angelle321: not interested
mmansour72: u enjoy with your body?
angelle321: you don't listen
mmansour72: i am too hot
angelle321: don't care
mmansour72: i can put my dick in your ass
angelle321: no
mmansour72 is typing...
mmansour72: if you show me your body i will get relaxed
angelle321: no
mmansour72 has stopped viewing your webcam.


mahi_foru2010: hi
angelle321: hello
mahi_foru2010: like fucking
angelle321: is that a proposition?
mahi_foru2010: sky is abcd
angelle321: what??
mahi_foru2010: do u like licking ur asshole
angelle321: I'm not sure it's physically possible for me to lick my own asshole. I'm not a dog.
mahi_foru2010: i mean i want to lick ur asshole..
angelle321: oh. no thank you
mahi_foru2010: u dont like it..
angelle321: I'm not interested in doing any sexual activities, online or otherwise, with you.
mahi_foru2010: why... just sit on my head ...i will kiss that holy butt of urs
mahi_foru2010: and lick ur dirty asshole clean..after u going to shit
mahi_foru2010: u like it?
angelle321: no thanks
mahi_foru2010: will be easier for u.. right?
mahi_foru2010: that means dont wnat to go to toilet for shitting..u can do it on ma mouth
angelle321: ew

what an asshole! been a while.

brianguy2010: hi
brianguy2010: m/f
angelle321: f
brianguy2010: age/city
angelle321: 31/ saginaw
angelle321: you?
brianguy2010: 41 m farmington, how far are you?
angelle321: are you not from michigan?
brianguy2010: how far are you?
angelle321: you must not be
angelle321: look it up!
brianguy2010: you must not be!
brianguy2010: look your daddy up cunt
brianguy2010: how far are you idiot? you don't know where detroit is
brianguy2010: stupid fuck
angelle321: you don't know where saginaw is?
angelle321: must not be from michigan
brianguy2010: how far are you idiot? you don't know where detroit is
brianguy2010: stupiod fuck
brianguy2010: stupid fuck
angelle321: well you're not very nice.
brianguy2010: shutup cunt
angelle321: have a great day! try to work on not being an asshole!
brianguy2010: shutup cunt
brianguy2010: why don't you come over so I can spank your little ass
angelle321: shutup isn't a word.
brianguy2010: shutup cunt
brianguy2010: why don't you come over so I can spank your little ass
angelle321: omg. are you a bot??
brianguy2010: shutup cunt
brianguy2010: why don't you come over so I can spank your little ass
angelle321: bwahahahahaha
angelle321: well that changes things
brianguy2010: i bet it's not little
brianguy2010: I bet it's a big ass
brianguy2010: I bet you're a fat ass
angelle321: you're right. it's fucking huge. just like the rest of me
angelle321: good job!
brianguy2010: lol ewww
brianguy2010 is typing...
brianguy2010: blocked
angelle321: you're quite the detective!
angelle321: yay!
angelle321: thank you!

(no subject)

Fayaz Sukri: wanna freindship with me
Fayaz Sukri: c2c
Fayaz Sukri: i am calling you
angelle321: I don't own a cam
Fayaz Sukri: oh
angelle321: I don't have a mic
Fayaz Sukri: mic pls
Fayaz Sukri: give me your mobile no
angelle321: no
Fayaz Sukri: why
Fayaz Sukri: may be male
Fayaz Sukri: how can i belive that you are female
Fayaz Sukri: wanna see my cock
Fayaz Sukri: what happened
angelle321: no
Fayaz Sukri: if you like to chat with me
Fayaz Sukri: pls give me your mobile no
angelle321: I don't care if you believe it or not. *I* know I'm a woman.
Fayaz Sukri: i will call you
Fayaz Sukri: or bye
angelle321: no. I don't want you to call me
angelle321: why are you buzzing me?
angelle321: why are you buzzing?
angelle321: sigh
Fayaz Sukri: wanna show you my cock
angelle321: I'm not interested in seeing it
Fayaz Sukri: ok
Fayaz Sukri: bye
Fayaz Sukri: see ou
angelle321: bye

u hve ur boobies pic

maddy_19760: u got big boobs
maddy_19760: good
angelle321: is that a statement?
maddy_19760: yes
angelle321: ok
maddy_19760: u married
angelle321: nope
angelle321: no desire to
maddy_19760: ok
maddy_19760: u hve ur boobies pic
angelle321: I don't have a pic of my boobies
maddy_19760: y
angelle321: um... why would I?
maddy_19760: ya
maddy_19760: so ur ass is also big
angelle321: yeah I'm not a skinny girl
maddy_19760: good
maddy_19760: i like u
maddy_19760: bt i have my cock pic
maddy_19760: u want
angelle321: no thanks
maddy_19760: ok
maddy_19760: so how much time u fucked
angelle321: wtf difference would that make to you?
angelle321: what a stupid question
maddy_19760: ya
maddy_19760: bcoz my boxer gone hard
angelle321: that is of no interest to me
maddy_19760: u see befor
maddy_19760: e
angelle321: see what
maddy_19760: big c***k
angelle321: oh lord. give it up dude
maddy_19760: i m see ur pics
maddy_19760: its awesome
angelle321: ok
maddy_19760: what is the size of ur boobs
angelle321: sigh. not your business
maddy_19760: pls tell me
maddy_19760: plz
angelle321: no
angelle321: seriously. it's none of your business
maddy_19760: ok


drzzs2003: still have the magenta hair
drzzs2003: very cool
angelle321: thanks
drzzs2003: lansing here
angelle321: I'm in saginaw
drzzs2003: old tho
drzzs2003: 53 doc
drzzs2003: are you single married?
angelle321: unmarried
drzzs2003: married here
drzzs2003: good as a sugar daddy only
drzzs2003: kids?
angelle321: nope. not having any
angelle321: you?
drzzs2003: 2
drzzs2003: adults
drzzs2003: hair still magenta?
angelle321: yup
angelle321: bright bright pink
drzzs2003: way cool
drzzs2003: any chance you get involved with an older married guy?
angelle321: doesn't your wife have a problem with that?
drzzs2003: not planning on telling her
angelle321: that seems terribly wrong
drzzs2003: i suppose
drzzs2003: you dont do wrong?
drzzs2003: sometimes wrong is fun

no, sir, you may not!

saurabh_kumar4: can i lick your asshole?
angelle321: no
saurabh_kumar4: plz
angelle321: no
saurabh_kumar4: do you hav bigboobs?
angelle321: what difference does it make to you?
saurabh_kumar4: coz i m going to suck them
saurabh_kumar4: will you marrryme?
angelle321: no

obviously if I don't have a cam, I'm a dude.

anooj004: can i see on cam?
angelle321: I don't own one
anooj004: thn dont like u ur guy
angelle321: ???
angelle321: did you just say that I'm a guy?
anooj004: cant believe u ur a women or guy without own cam
angelle321: ok well I don't care if you believe me or not.
angelle321: I sent you a photo of me
anooj004: ok good
angelle321: several in fact
angelle321: and I do not own a webcam
anooj004: its all fake
angelle321: um, no.
angelle321: I would know